A Local, Grassroots Mutual-Aid Effort Connecting Mask-Makers with Individuals and Families in Need.

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How This Works

Interacting with this portal is like using an "online store" except everything is free of charge and made possible by a donation-based honor system. The goal of this project is simply to make sure that everyone can get their hands on face masks as part of the broader community-level COVID-19 pandemic response.

If you are requesting masks, please know that the masks you receive were sewn with love & care by someone in your local community. This is a 100% volunteer effort. We are doing the best we can to stay organized, gather masks supplied, deliver masks requested, prep materials, provide kits to people sewing and keep this system up & running for as long as is needed.

When requesting or supplying masks via this portal, it works just like an online store. Select the style of mask made/needed, scale the quantity accordingly, click "add to cart" and then "checkout". Local mutual-aid organizers will be mobilized to respond to your request and will be in touch!

You will not be asked or required to enter any financial information when you "checkout" while requesting or supplying masks via this site!

Making Cloth Masks?

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Need Cloth Face Masks for You & Your Family?

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Looking for a Cloth Face Mask Supplier for your Business or Non-Profit Organization?

MaskMVMT is primarily serving high-risk individuals, families & grassroots mutual-aid initiatives.

If your organization has a budget and is looking for a reliable provider of re-usable cloth face masks, we recommend clicking here. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Torpedo Textiles diverted their production line to make masks and has been generously contributing masks into the MaskMVMT network for distribution in the local community.

We Need Your Help!

Wanna help Sew? Out of Materials?

With donations received via this GoFundMe Fundraiser, we're purchasing bulk amounts of fabric & preparing "Mask-Making Kits" which volunteers are distributing to amazing people just like you who are sewing across the greater Twin Cities Metro.

Maybe you're low on materials. Maybe you'd rather we cut & prep for ya. Click to Request Mask-Making Kits, or learn more about how we're things via the Resource Page for Mask-Makers.

Support this Project via GoFundMe

We're finding that each mask requires about $5 to make & deliver. If you have received masks and have the means, or if you just like what we're doing here, please consider a financial contribution!

GoFundMe Fundraiser Link: