About the Mask Movement

This is a grassroots mutual-aid effort with one purpose: To connect people making masks with people that need them.

This website was built during the very early stages of Minnesota's COVID-19 response as way to organize & manage the requests from a single Facebook group of people sewing.

When the CDC started recommending ordinary citizens wear a cloth face mask in public, requests via this portal increased exponentially and the volume of requests being received has yet to decrease.

The process of "cutting" material for masks was a bottleneck in the production system for MANY people sewing. In an effort to streamline this aspect of the sewing process, we launched a GoFundMe Fundraiser and began accepting donations via this site. These financial contributions allow us to acquire fabric in bulk and pre-cut materials using an industrial process in collaboration with Innovize, a local contract medical device manufacturing company.

Once fabric & ties are cut, we assemble "kits" with ties and/or elastic for straps and distribute them to a volunteer network of people sewing across Minnesota. When these "kits" are sewn into completed masks they are contributed into this portal via MaskMvmt.org/supply.

Volunteers on the back-end of all this are picking up completed masks & delivering them across the greater Twin Cities metro to those whom request. We are primarily serving high-risk individuals and families, as there are many other efforts that are providing masks to hospitals, congregate living facilities, etc.

This whole initiative has been a grassroots, mutual-aid response. If we see Federal and/or State Government providing masks to high-risk individuals & families free of charge at a rate that can keep up with need in local communities, this effort will come to a close and the website will be taken down and/or re-direct to that effort. Until then, we will be continuing to self-organize as the #MaskMvmt.

Everything on the front-send of this website is FREE of charge and our intention is to keep it that way. When masks are delivered, there is a little note that includes care instructions and an ask for a contribution if it is at all possible. At this time, between the materials, cutting, sewing & distribution each mask costs about $5.

Getting Involved

If you are someone sewing that would like to get involved, please go to our For Mask-Makers Section.

If you are someone that would like to help volunteer as a delivery driver, zone coordinator, or anything else, please fill out the contact form via the website.

If you are in need of masks for you and/or your family, please "checkout" with the quantity you need using this link: Request Masks.

Wanna help spread the word? Please feel free to share this site around the Twin Cities metro of Minnesota, especially if you are connected with people sewing :)

For all of those that have contributed to make this possible, THANK YOU! You are all amazing. You are loved. We're going to get through this together.

On we sew,

- The Mask Movement


FYI: Yes, this website is a Shopify "Store". No, there's no money or credit cards involved. As local organizers on the ground, this eCommerce platform just makes it much easier to request masks, manage the inventory we have been able to source from local DIYers, and get them distributed where they need to go.