For Mask-Makers

First of all, you rock!

If you are currently making masks, we are guiding people to make one of the two styles based on the tutorials listed on this site (Click to View Tutorials).

There are many individuals that are high-risk for COVID-19 that need masks delivered to their personal residences (as opposed to a hospital that is receiving bulk donations). People like this are using this MaskMVMT platform to request masks. Our back-end volunteers are trying to meet this demand.

Below is our process if you're making masks and would like to contribute them to the grassroots effort here as part of the MaskMVMT:

  1. Place completed masks in a batch of 10 inside a zip-lock bag. Tape a "Mask Recipient Instructions" Leaflet on the outside of each zip-lock bag. Click to View a Print-Ready Instruction Slip PDF by Clicking Here
  2. On the outside of a bag, write the style of mask inside (either SURGICAL or OLSON) and the quantity inside (Should be 10). If you've received a "kit" via the portal, there is already a label on the Zip-Lock bag, just circle the "10" or write in the correct number you've completed.
  3. Place the bag of completed masks in a clean, sanitized tote or box in a sheltered location with the lid removed in front of your residence with some type of a note that says, "Mask Mvmt".
  4. Go to, add the quantity and style of mask you've made to the cart, and checkout. This will inform local DISTRIBUTION VOLUNTEERS there are masks available to be picked up and they will begin organizing a way to get these where they need to go. If your supply is something a volunteer can service the distribution of, the volunteer will transfer the zip-locks from your tote into their own tote.
  5. Be patient. A volunteer will either call/email to say the request cannot be serviced due to area/capacity, a volunteer will come by and pickup what you've made and you'll get a notification accordingly, or you'll be contacted with other instructions/guidance as this is a rapidly moving project.


If you need additional supplies to continue sewing, we are trying to help facilitate this as well. With contributions we've received towards this effort, we're purchasing bulk quantities of fabric & preparing "kits" which include pre-cut rectangles of fabric & material for the ties. If you would be interested in receiving kits, please follow this link: Please Note! If you have yet to supply masks into this portal, we will follow up with you when you request kits before distributing them. Please include your phone number when requesting kits!

Thank you for helping your local community and your patience as we work out the kinks of this system :)

If you also organizing a group of volunteers in your local community and feel this system could help you out, please view the "For Organizers" tab and get in touch with us so we can plug you in!