For Organizers

MaskMVMT is a simple web portal to replace a "google spreadsheet" for the purposes of receiving completed masks and managing requests from people that need masks.

This portal is built with Shopify's eCommerce platform, so all "requests" and "supplied" mask "orders" are secure and managed in the back end. No user will ever have to include a credit card number, and all of the "products" are free.

If you, as a local organizer, could benefit from this tool please contact us and we'll go through the details and get you started, but here's the breakdown of how it will go:

  • You'll get a STAFF ACCOUNT in this portal that will allow you to see where masks are that can get picked up, and where there are people that have requested masks. In the ideal world, you'd be willing to manage a specific hyper-local region where you are based.
  • The Region / SERVICE AREA you can manage will get listed on the Service Area page of this site (
  • If your local area has a DROP-OFF LOCATION posted at, you (or a DISTRIBUTION VOLUNTEER you can recruit) will pickup masks and deliver them there.
  • With the Shopify Mobile App & Staff Account inside this platform, once a pickup/delivery is complete, you can "Fulfill the Order" and it will update in the system as "Fulfilled".