Requesting Masks

Welcome to the Mask Movement! We are encouraging everyone needing hand-sewn, community-made masks to read this prior to submitting a request. Thank you!

Of primary importance is that everyone receiving home-made cloth face masks via understands the following:

  1. We are a grassroots, "Good Samaritan" group of volunteers involved in the COVID-19 crisis response effort. We are not a Non-Profit Organization, Business, or Non-Governmental Unit. We are simply humans helping humans as part of a community-based mutual-aid effort.
  2. Hand-sewn masks are NOT to be considered medical grade & capable of stopping the spread of viruses & bacteria alone. Do NOT consider yourself "protected" because you are wearing some cotton on your face - please follow all guidance regarding social distancing, etc.
For Individuals Requesting Masks

This portal is a grassroots effort to connect individuals & families with home-made cloth face masks made by local community members. Our ability to distribute masks to those requesting is limited by the volume of masks being sewn in a local area and at this time we have WAY MORE requests that we have supply. We are doing our best to manage & fulfill every request - please be patient & understanding :)

When you submit a request via this platform, volunteers on the back-end receive that request and make sure all the information submitted is accurate (this might be an email, phone call, etc). Distribution Volunteers helping with this effort then mobilize to pickup a supply of hand-sewn masks from someone if your local area and deliver them to the shipping address you've provided based on your request.

If you receive MORE masks than you requested, it is our hope that you can re-distribute them to others in your local community which reduces the demand on our system & volunteers working via the MaskMvmt mutual-aid network.

For Businesses & Organizations Requesting Masks & PPE

As a small grassroots effort, we are not as well positioned to support institutional demand for masks/PPE. If you are an organization looking to acquire community-made masks for your staff & facilities, you are welcome to submit a request via this portal but please understand:

  1. The primary focus of this volunteer sewing effort is to support individuals and families. Requests from individuals and families will be fulfilled FIRST, and if we have an excess of supplied masks they will then be directed to organizations with a priority for grassroots mutail-aid & non-profit orgs.
  2. Our "model" of providing this service to our neighbors is possible because of contributions made via this portal by those requesting masks. Some people have the resources to contribute, others don't, and at the end of the day we just try to find a way to break even. When an organization submits a larger request for something like 200 masks, this requires about $1000 on our end to fulfill that request ($5/mask to make/deliver).
  3. We are not a factory. We are a decentralized group of volunteers that are sewing for the good of the broader community. If you have a budget, we'd strongly encourage you to consider the "making of cloth face masks" to be something that is NOT equated with "free".

OBVIOUSLY your request is important, we just want to be honest and transparent so we don't keep you waiting. If you end up submitting an order via this platform, we will most likely follow-up with an email and/or call for a followup.

We are encouraging orgs & business to do one, or all, of the following:

  1. Submit a request via the portal at
  2. Set up an account & register your need with Donate Good Stuff that will make your location & need for masks something the public can see & interact with.

We are also going to be putting together some other tools to help organizations put out requests from their local community for hand-sewn masks and will make those resources available via this website.