SURGICAL-STYLE Mask Tutorial (Style 1)

Please use the tutorial below to create the "Modified Deaconess" Surgical-Style Mask with Opening for a Filter.

Material should be a Tightly-Woven 100% Cotton Fabric. For strapping, if you have been provided KITS via MaskMVMT, you most likely received 18" pre-cut TIES. If you still have a supply of 1/4" elastic, that works too and is demonstrated in the video as well. To download the "Pleat Jig" described in the video, Please Click Here!

This style of mask does not require a template - simply cut 9" x 12" sheets of fabric for the ADULT size, or 7.5" x 10" sheets for the CHILD size.

The above video is a revised tutorial from what was originally posted on this site. Looking for the old video? Click to View the Original Video Tutorial

Introducing... The MaskMVMT Pleat Fork!

Wanna speed things up a bit? We've 3d printed these awesome little "Pleat Forks" and can include them with your next mask-making kit request! Simply write "I want a Pleat Fork" in the order note on checkout and we'll throw one in if we've got one available!