Mask-Making Tutorials

There are two basic style of re-usable cloth mask that are being requested by careworkers. Although many "styles" exist out there on the web, we are only recommending the creation of masks which can allow for a filter to be inserted by the end-user.

Both styles we are recommending should use a pre-shrunk, tightly-woven, 100% cotton fabric and 1/4" elastic strapping and/or around-the-head ties if elastic is not available. Fabric should be a solid light in color to make soiling more visible.
Local care facilities are either requesting one style or the other, there is no current universal request. Please focus on making the style which best suits your sewing ability and what your local careworkers are requesting.

Style 1: SURGICAL ("Modified Deaconess"): This style is made from a single, rectangular piece of fabric and does not require a pattern to be printed. Click to View Video Tutorial.

Style 2: COVER ("Modified Olson"): This style of mask is made from 6 cuts of fabric that requires the use of a template. This style is best suited for being made by those with more advanced sewing capability. Click to View Video Tutorial.