Mask-Making Kit

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Each "Mask-Making Kit" contains enough pre-cut material for ONE mask. The "quantity" you select here should be the approximate quantity of masks, in increments of 10, that you feel you can make in about a week's time.

We deliver kits in bags of 10. We will round up the quantity in your request to the nearest increment of 10 before fulfilling. For example, if you request 17 kits, we will adjust the request to 20 and you'll probably get a notification that your "order" was adjusted.

We know that many of you are providing masks you've made to many different groups, hospitals, care facilities etc and that is ALL AMAZING.

That said, if you are requesting mask-making kits from this platform, it is our hope that you will contribute the masks you've made back into the MaskMvmt network via the Supply Masks method on this website (which many of you are already doing!). This is the only way that we can continue to fundraise & acquire/cut material to keep this operation moving!

When you 'checkout', please write an order note with instructions on where delivery volunteers can leave your kits. It is also EXTREMELY helpful if you can provide your phone number during checkout so we can call with any questions as needed!

Wanna try the new MaskMVMT Pleat Fork?

Write, "I want a Pleat Fork!" in your Order Note when you checkout and if we have some available, we'll include one with your kits!

You rock! On we sew!